Broken Obsessions Vocalist/Pianist
The Basics
Andrew Vollan Name Andy Drew N/A Nicknames 532(appears late 20s-early 30s) Age November 15, 1485 Date Of Birth Vampire Species Piano player, Singer/Piercer Occupation Blood (AB-) Marital Status No need for a label Sexuality Newhaven, ME Current location
Goals ♪ Get the band to make it big.
♪ Keep Johnny as his ghoul for many, many years to come.
♪ Return to Norway again one day even if only for a concert with the band.
♪ Keep an eye to make sure Johnny doesn't become addicted to his blood.
Try not to get too possessive of what is his.

Random Facts ♪ His instagram and twitter handle is boAV.
♪ His diet if mainly blood bags except for when he gets to have some of Johnny's blood.
♪ Didn't start getting tattooed until he had moved to America. Will likely get more as time passes.
♪ Lives in a two story home with Johnny that has all the bedrooms upstairs and a room dedicated to the band on the first floor.
♪ Has a small frigde in his closet filled with bags of blood so that he doesn't take up any space in the fridge in the kitchen. Even though there are a few bags hidden in it.
The First Thing You May Notice
His tattoos or the random color his hair might be at the time.
Personal Style
His style isn't one that he feels could be easily explained. Maybe that is because he tend to wear things he finds more comfortable than stylish. Usually that is just a pair of jeans and either a t-shirt or tank. Sometimes that includes some kind of jacket or sweater. His sleeping attire is usually just a pair of boxers, though there have been times where he will sleep in the nude if he feels like it.
Distinguishing Features
Blue eyes, tattoos, and dimples.
Off Stage
Andrew is calm and patient, often keeping things to himself instead of saying them aloud. When annoyed he will say something about it, though that saying something could be in a language that no one around him knows. Unless he feels the need to say it for all to hear. Has often been told that he is cold and broody, though he doesn't see it since as far as he cane tell he is kind and tends to smile even when he feels like not smiling. With fans, he will smile and laugh if need be. He will also pose for a picture or sign something for them if they happen to corner them. Will more than often keep a closer eye on Johnny due to how the man can get into trouble. Which Andrew is known for getting him out of.
Stage Presense
Tends to be very smiley and flirty, often shaking his hips or ass while singing and playing his keyboard. Moves around a lot when he is only singing, often times getting close to the edge of the stage and putting his hand out for fans to touch him. Some fans have come to like the moments when he is shaking his ass towards them and have even yelled out a few times for him to do just that even during moments when he iw simply talking to the crowd.
At work he is professional and also a bit blunt about things like pain or how he thinks something will looking on someone when they ask him his opinion. Soemtimes that bluntness has gotten him some glares from clients or even people to leave, but he figures that if they didn't want an honest opinion then they shouldn't have asked for one.
Alone with Johnny
When it is just the two of them, he lets his possessive side come out more than he would if they were in public or with friends. Often times this results in him teasing the other more than he maybe should. Though it has also resulted in him being gentle with the other man as well as saying things that only the taller male would hear him say. Andrew has no issue admiting to being addicted to his blood or the male and will at times say certain things to get a taste of that blood. It's not uncommon for him to keep a closer eye on a spot that he had bitten the male at so he can know when he might get to bite the other again. Part of him has wondered before if the other thinks that he is more addicted to his blood than other things involving the ghoul with how Andrew tends to react to it.
Andrew was born in a small village in Norway on November 15, 1485 to a family what had two older sons. Growing up was similar to how it was for other childern in those times, except for at the age of sixteen when Andrew's older brother became ill. The illness was one that none knew about and had already taken two others in the village. Because two others had died from it, his parents were certain that their first born would also die. However, that death took months and many even blamed the family for knowing some secret that was helping keep the young man alive. A year after is brother's death, he left home in search of something more in life. That search took him to other villages and met many people, but it wasn't until he was a few months over the age of 30 that he met a woman who would come to change his life more than even he could have imagined back then.

Hilde, was strong and different from any of the other woman he had come across. In fact the night the two had crossed paths was him witnessing her break up a fight in the town's pub. He was intrigued by her, but she was also intrigued by him. She had told him that his life could be more, coud be better than the crap is was. At first, he thought she was mad, but he soon learned that she spoke of something he may have deep down been searching for that hadn't been realized until shortly after meeting her. However, he didn't immediately take what she was offering. Instead he left two days later and traveled back home. A mistake that he would come to find he shouldn't have done.

Once home, he learned that his other brother had been killed by another in the village and that his mother was close to death. The people still had some hatred for the family, which he learned about when a few stones were thrown at him once he entered it. Part of him couldn't believe such people would do that since before his oldest brother's death, his family and ancestors were seen at good and trustworthy people in the small village. Andrew stayed only until the passing of his mother and then he headed back to that pub he had met Lene in. He wasn't exactly sure why he headed there, but he had a feeling it was because of her offer.

He got there a day before she was about to leave and as the two sat in the pub, he told her what he had gone home to. Confided in her about how the people seemed to be turning more and more on his family all because of how some illness had effected his brothers. After he had told her that, she asked him is he would like to harm any of those who done wrong to his family. He had thought she was joking, but he soon learned that she wasn't. He also learned that during their chat, she had already come up with a plan on what they should do. It was later that night that she had turned him. Draining his blood before giving him some of her own.
Years with his sire/Claudia his first ghoul
It was almost six months after the night he was turned that the two headed back to his village with the thought of causing harm. Though how much harm was unknown to him until they had gotten there. Hilde had gone after people first and then Andrew soon followed her. First focusing on those who had causing his family harm and then going after those who had played part in his brtoher's death. It was while they were attacking and killing people of the village that Hilde noticed something odd about the new vampire. However, it was something that she quickly found to be interesting. And something that the new vampire would not be fully aware of until many years later.

After that night, the two started traveling around Europe, only staying in one town for a few short weeks before moving on to the next one. The traveling lasted alittle over two hundred and forty years and in that time he had learned many things from her, he even learned about ghouls. Though learning about such a creature came with strict rules from Hilde. Rules that he found odd in the beginning, but soon came to understand as he witnessed his sire with one of her ghouls. However, he wouldn't test or follow such rules until almost seventy-five years later when they were in a German town and he had met someone that he felt was right for becoming his ghoul. During their stay there in the town, Andrew had started to learn to play the piano and though he was quite bad at it at first, he found himself quickly liking it. He had even convinced Hilde to let him play something during a party they had thrown one night. It was after he had played that a woman had come up to him and told him that his playing was lovely. Andrew knew she was lying and had called her out on it, but that lie seemed to spark something inside him that made him consider something he thought he might not have before.

The woman's name was Claudia and though she was average, she had pulled his insterest. Not because of how she looked or even how she smelled, no, is was because she had tried to make him smile on a night that it was clear he needed one. It wasn't long before he had asked her to become his ghoul, something that had freaked the woman out at first before she agreed to it. Once she had become his, the two parted from Hilde and traveled to Sweden, where they spent eight years living before Andrew got the feeling to head home.
Returning to Norway/Bloodlust
After he had the feeling and had a chat with Claudia, the two headed for Norway. While there they had run into Hilde and her current ghoul, a man named Rogar. The four spent close to twenty years together before parting ways with Andrew and Claudia heading to Spain. In Spain the two found new fun in the party scene there and even met up with other vampires. However, it was also in Spain that he learned what it was that Hilde had seen that night they had attacked his village. The small group of vampires was having a party and some were drinking from the guest, Andrew being on of them. Though he mainly stuck to drinking from Claudia until one of the other vampire's told him to try another one of the guests. He had been hesitant to do so, but it was Claudia who tol him he could. Little did she know that it would end up leading him down the path of a lust that had been able to stay subsided since she had become his ghoul.

More parties happened after that, some involving the group of vampires draining a couple guest while other ones had them feeding from people who had been drugged. Andrew had drank from one that had been high on some drug that even his memory can't recall when Claudia had come to find him staring at the ceiling in the room they shared. She had voiced her concern that he was feeding too much and that she thought he needed stop feeding from others and go back to only feeding from her. Her concern had angered him at first which had lead to them arguing before she yelled at him that he was the one who was draining people more than the other vampires they were with. Andrew didn't want to believe her and it ended up taking until a party where he had drained not one, but two people before Claudia's words clicked in his head.

After that party he had tried to stick to only drinking from his ghoul, but doing that had ended up causing some backfire. See, there was a few times he had almost taken too much and it had caused him to get her help. It had scared him slightly, but she seemed fine and said that her being weak was better than seeing him only lusting after blood. But then something happened. One night while feeding from her he had taken too much, only this time it wasn't the normal too much. No, he had ended up drinking so much that she became close to death. He had offered to turn her, but she had told him no before tell him that death was something she had been wanting for sometime now. He learned in her final moments that she was done with the long life she had been given, that she was ready to die. It wasn't until after she had passed that he learned the truth when packing up her things.

In her stuff she had written him a letter explain that she feared she may become one of those mindless ghouls like they had come to meet during the parties. Andrew could understand her fear, but he was anger that she had choosn to write it down instead of just telling him. That anger was what lead him to draining a small group of five people that were on their way home after a fun night. He started down a path of what his sire would call bloodlust when she found him months later. Once sire and childe had reunited, Hilde had locked him in a room in an attempt to get him to control his lust. It took longer than what she had expected, but once he had it under control, she had asked him to travel with her again. Which he quickly accepted.
Reuniting with his sire/America
As they traveled, Andrew had once again confided in her by telling her what all had happened with Claudia and how she had spoke of concern about him and blood once before. Hilde had simply shook her head at him before telling him that she had noticed it that night in his village, but she didn't think anything else on it since she didn't see signs of it pop up while they traveled after that night. He was surprised and ended up lashing out at her, but she was stronger, older than he was and she quickly over powered him before telling him that he would stick with her until she felt that he could handle being on his own. That ended up lasting for a hundred and fifty years. During those years, he had witness what happened to a ghoul when they did something that the vampire was not alright with. He watched Hilde mark her ghoul and told him that if he decided to get another that there could be a chance of him feeling the needed to mark them. To leave a scar that showed others that the ghoul was his.

The act spoke to the possessive nature that he had inside of himself, something that he had felt with Claudia, but had only acted by telling others that she was his. His mind had ended up wondering if he would had marked her like that back then during those parties and he knew deep down that he would have. Though he wouldn't ever know if he would had done it without her permission or with it. Shortly before the time of them traveling together ended, Lene had told him about a place called America. She told him that he should go there and that if he wanted then he could join her after she was done spending sometime in Berlin. He had considered it, but told her before he could go that he needed to do something. She didn't ask about what it was that he needed to do or if he wanted her to come with him. All she did was give him the address she would be at in Berlin before parting ways with him.

After they parted, he had headed for Spain to visit the grave of Claudia. While there he had run into one of the vampires from back then and for a moment was tempted to join the other for one of those old parties, but had been able to stop himself. It was that night that he realized he could handle his bloodlust, that he had it under more control than he had thought. After the short visit in the country, he met back up with Hilde and followed her over to America. Once there, he had spent some years with her before once again parting ways. The two making sure to keep in some kind of contact as the years passed since they both knew that it would probably be anohter hundred or more years before they ran into each other again.
Johnny his second ghoul
Andrew had been in America for almost thirty years when one night in 2003, a group of young drunk people had entered the shop he was working at. The fact they were drunk wasn't uncommon, what was uncommon was the scent he had smelled when they had entered. Andrew had been in the middle of piercing a woman's tongue when he had smelled the rare blood that he had come to find tasted the best. He knew the scent shouldn't have pulled his attention since there was already some blood coming from the woman's tongue, but the rare type seemed to call to him. It had called him so much that he ended up needing to turn the man who smelled of it away. Though that turning away didn't seem to stick since when he showed up in the shop again, he was sober. Which meant that he couldn't use the excuse of the man being drunk to turn him away again. After that encounter, the two seemed to get closer by hanging out more. Andrew knew that if Hilde had seen him in that moment that she would say he was tempting his lust by being around someone whose blood called to him so much. But he couldn't help it. Something about Johnny had pulled him in, had tempted him to test his resisting of wanting the man's blood. Which he had somehow managed to keep himself from failing at doing. To this day he's unsure how he was able to resist for so long or how when he had finally gotten to taste Johnny's blood that he didn't end up attacking him for more of it.

Before Andrew knew it, five years had passed since the man had entered his life. During that time he had ended up telling him the truth about what he was one night when the other was at his house. He knew it had taken sometime for the other man to accept and feel comfortable with the fact of what he was and that his species was real. While he waited for that to happen, a part of the vampire feared that coming clean, that telling him had meant that Johnny wouldn't be part of his life. Which was odd for the vampire since there were many times he had tried to get the other to not come by as often or contact him as much. When he learned that knowing he was a vampire wouldn't change things, he did the thing he thought he wouldn't do again. He asked Johnny to become his ghoul. Again he had the fear that the man not being in his life would happen, but the man had agreed to it. Andrew had made sure that Johnny knew that being his ghoul meant, that the other would have to protect him during daylight hours, would in some ways be his servant. He also told him that there would be times that he'd have to feed from the taller male.

Even with all the explaining he did, the man still agreed to it and within the next night, Johnny had become his ghoul. However, the biting took longer and work on his part before it happened. But when it didn't Andrew had admited to the other that the blood in his veins was probably the sweetest he had tasted. Though at that time it was hidden that the man's blood type was one that had become his favorite.
Forming a band/Newhaven
After Johnny had moved in with him, the man got to see parts of him that mainly only his sire and a few friends over the years had been witness to. One of those parts was him playing the piano. Andrew had made sure that he had one plus a keyboard in his house so he could continue to improve on it over the years. He didn't like to think he was great at it since he knew that it was something he could continue to practice. The thing he hadn't expected the man to learn about was the fact that he could sing. Once Johnny knew about it, the man did all he could to get the vampire to agree to forming a band. He had even threatened to not let him taste his blood anymore. Which made the vampire unhappy since he was adicted to Johnny's blood. That threat ended up causing the man to agree and within a matter of what seemed like days or maybe weeks, the two had a band name and one of the rooms in the home was already being turned into a place for them to play and record.

As the band did some gigs and posted things on social media, the popularity of it grew which caused some of the fans to use ways to find them. It was something that Andrew wasn't okay with, especially since one this his sire had drilled into his head was the fact that vampires needed to be a secret. And with fans tracking down their addresses, staying a secret wouldn't be an easy thing to do. It took some back and forth, but eventually the two had made the desicion to move somewhere else. That somewhere ended up being the small town of Newhaven that they had come across while doing a small vacation like tour in the state of Maine. It wasn't long after deciding on the town that the two of them were meeting with a realtor and buying a home while also looking for work. Work seemed to be found easily for both of them, Johnny waitering at a place that Andrew had made sure to check out and the vampire working at a tattoo shop that happened to be owned by another vampire.
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