Asher Zangari =

Jon/Lon Bishop =

Alistair Fray =

Mira Kou = 1

Elodie Morin =

Serafina Zangari = 1

Nathaniel James = 1

IC: Create something visual or audio-based (bucket list, playlist, etc) ICly
IC: Explore a family dynamic, whether it's blood family, found family, or with an NPC
AU: What If?
AU: Species Change
OOC: post an instagram that isn't a selfie
IC: Support a supernaturally owned and operated business
OOC: A net post of any kind with more than fifty comments
OOC: Comment the net post of a character that your character hasn't interacted with before
IC: Autocorrect disaster!
IC: Do a good deed.
AU: Time Shift
OOC: Follow up on one of your things from the interest check
IC: Make a bet!
OOC: Write a thread or narrative without dialogue
OOC: Write a thread between two characters with their usual relationship roles reversed.